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Having a stunning website that lives up to the quality of the work you provide is the first step in attracting more of your ideal couples and getting weddings booked. 

What your website looks like and how easy it is to navigate are two of the largest determining factors in whether or not couples decide to book with you. 

+ book more weddings by allowing professionals to build you a website that reflects the quality of your work and gets weddings booked.

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We build all new websites on Showit because after years of working in the wedding industry we wholeheartedly believe that it’s the best platform for building a visually stunning website that speaks to couples.

What We Offer:

We offer Showit Template Customization and at this time do not build Showit designs from scratch. You will be surprised just how unique a template will feel once you completely customize it with your own branding and images! 



What's included:

Customization of up to 5 template pages (desktop & mobile)

Adding your fonts + colors + content to the template

Domain Configuration

SSL Certificate

Two revisions

Screen share recording of how to use site

30-day post launch support

Assistance with photo selection*

Blog Setup/Migration *$500 Additional Fee

Basic on-page SEO setup

Assistance with copywriting*

*See FAQ for more information about photo selection & copywriting

Investment Starts at $3,500

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not currently offer revamping of existing websites. 

Why? The tech setup behind how an individual website operates is very specific to that site. In our experience it’s often far quicker and more effective (and therefore cheaper!) to build a new website than to try and piece together an old one. You can however keep the same domaine, so your website name will not change.


Yes, you will need to provide your own branding + content. This includes fonts, colors, copy, image Selection, and logo. If you need branding services we have an AMAZING person we work with. We can also refer you to a wonderful copywriter if you need help with copywriting. 

We do provide assistance with copywriting + photo selection, but You will need to provide a rough draft version that we will put into your template. From there (and only if you want us to) we will tweak your rough draft to get it the best it can be. This service includes 2 revisions on everything. 


Click the button below and book a time to chat. Don’t let another day go by without a quality website that will represent your work the way it deserves. 

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