Moving to a new state

Case Study

Want or need to move your business to a new location but worried about starting over?

One of the biggest issues wedding vendors face is when they want or need to move. After years of building up referrals and relationships in your area, it can seem impossible to move since it would mean starting over with your business. 

But it doesn't have to be that way!

Meet Vincent

Vincent is an extremely talented photographer who cares a lot about building a great relationship with the couples he works with. He loves being a part of people's big day & helping to document their love story.

Because of other photography projects he's working on, Vincent lives nomadically and wanted to book weddings in a new state without the benefit of local connections or referrals. 

Business: Wedding Photographer

Location: California

BIggest Issue: Getting Bookings in a new location

Main Goal: Getting his services in front of the right couples in a new location. getting a great ROI and all within a time CONSTRAINT

Photo Credit: Vincent Po

In his own words

Interested in hearing how Vincent feels about working with us? Check out the video below to hear it in his own words.

The Plan

picking a destination

- Even though the market is extremely competitive he decided that southern California is where he would like to be.

- A few months prior to his arrival in California we started working on a plan to maximize his time there before he needed to leave again to continue working on his other projects.

While Vincent travels full time he was interested in picking a new area that he hadn’t yet spent much time in and dedicating a few months in that place to book several weddings for the next year. 

Photo Credit: Vincent Po

The Approach

Vincent loves connecting with people so we designed an advertising campaign that would provide him the opportunity to develop a relationship & meet in person with the new couples. 

We used social media ads to target Vincent’s ideal couples. We then paired that with a sales funnel & email marketing to help convert that potential into meetings and then booked weddings.

Photo Credit: Vincent Po

Hitting the Ground Running

Vincent had phone calls scheduled with couples in California before he even arrived!

We launched Vincent’s campaign a few weeks before he arrived in California and the response from couples in the area was almost immediate!

3 months is all it took

- Vincent was able to stay in California for about three months before he needed to move on and continue his other project. 

- Vincent spent that 3 months developing rapport with the couples interested in his photography, and of course, booking weddings!

Let’s look at the breakdown of exactly how this went.

Photo Credit: Vincent Po

The Bookings

Total Spent on Ads - $838.79

Vincent was able to connect with 96 couples in just 86 days of advertising!

New Couples - 96

Cost per New Couple - $9.75

booked engagement sessions - 12

booked weddings - 8

In just under three months of living in an area that Vincent had never been to before and with no local contacts he was able to book lots of weddings! 

Let’s have a look at the total numbers that the campaign we built for Vincent brought in.

Total Bookings - $27,450

Total Profit - $26,611

* Please note that the numbers displayed do not include agency fees.

Now it's your turn

Tired of feeling like you can’t move to a new location because it would mean starting your business over?

Book a call now and we can chat about putting together an advertising campaign that will have you booking weddings before you even get there!