Turning $600 into $24,150

Case Study

Check out the results we were able to help our client, Olivia, achieve. 

Meet Olivia,
a wedding photographer based in the southern United States. 

Olivia was having a hard time bringing in enough wedding bookings and increasing her income. The marketing campaign we designed and implemented for her was able to take her business to a completely new level within the first 60 days of working together.

Business: Wedding Photographer

Location: Southern USA

BIggest Issue: bookings

Main Goal: Bookings more weddings & a quick return on marketing investment

*This PHOTOGRAPHER'S name, location, & photo have been changed to protect the client's privacy per their request. 

The Results

In just the first 60 days of working together, Olivia's investment of $600 in adspend resulted in $21,000 in wedding bookings and $3,150 in engagement session bookings.

The Details

- We started by running social media ads targeted to Olivia’s ideal couples in her area

- The ads were designed to capture the couples attention and intrigued them about Olivia’s photography services

- The couples were then taken through a sales funnel where we were able to capture important information that Olivia needed about their wedding

Information Collected:

- Name

- Email Address

- Phone Number

- Wedding Date

- Wedding Venue

- Wedding Photography Budget

Leads Generated: 81

Adspend investment: $600

Cost Per new Couple’s Contact Info: $7.41

We didn't stop there...

We work with you every step of the way to go from being a photographer someone sees on social media to being the photographer they book for their wedding.

Our services provide so much more than just a bunch of couples interested in your work.

Let's talk about... 

saving time

One way we help You book these weddings is by using automation to get conversations started with the couples. 

Using automation to start conversations with couples who saw you on social media puts you in a position to start chatting and building rapport with the couples who are most interested in your work. 

This saves you countless hours of time & energy only talking to the most interested couples in your area. 

Olivia had 28 email conversations in just 60 days. 

What would you be able to do if you could chat to 28 couples personally about your services?

The Phone Calls 

- After chatting through email, Olivia had 19 couples interested in getting on the phone with her and talking about her services. 

- While Olivia was already great at chatting with her couples, she wanted to maximize her efforts and book as many things as possible so we scheduled coaching calls with her to refine the conversations she was having with couples. 

- Olivia saw an immediate increase in the amount of conversations that were turning into booked weddings after we helped her refine her process!

The Bookings

The combination of a powerful social media ads campaign, a systematic sales funnel, and a well refined sales process put Olivia in the position to book as many weddings as she wanted. 

We not only generated potential for her but also put her in a situation to fully capitalize on that potential. 

The Final Results:

Olivia Booked:

9 Engagement Sessions= $3,150

6 Weddings= $21,000

TOTAL: $24,150

Now it's your turn

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