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Case Study

In-person and online workshops are a great way to not only grow your business, but give back and help newer photographers in the process. having just the right marketing team can make all the difference between a successful, sold-out workshop and a room full of empty seats.

Meet Arielle

Arielle is an accomplished wedding photographer who lives in the midwest and has been running her own wedding photography business for years. 

When she wanted to expand, she felt it was the perfect time to host in-person workshops for new photographers and increase her income while lending a helping hand to photographers just getting started. 

Business: Wedding Photographer

Location: Midwest USA

BIggest Issue: finding workshop attendees

Main Goal: Filling her workshop quickly & without discounting tickets

In her own words

Interested in hearing how Arielle feels about working with us? Check out the video below to hear it in her own words.

Early Setbacks 

Not the Vision She Had For Her Business

- She was having a hard time getting photographers to attend and was spending lots of time trying to promote her workshops.

- She even found that she was needing to discount the ticket price to get photographers to attend.

Arielle advertised for her first few workshops on her own but quickly found that she wasn’t getting the results she was looking for.

The Ron + Jess Difference

Keep reading for all of the numbers and a grand total of Arielle’s ROI

To get Arielle’s newest workshop booked up, we built a marketing plan to help get her workshop filled with her ideal attendees. 

Email Marketing

- The first step was capitalizing on the information that Arielle already had.

- She had a small list of photographers which we used for an email marketing campaign that brought in 6 attendees before official enrollment even opened!

Pre-Launch Bookings: 6

Post-Launch Bookings: 1

Total Attendees: 7

Starting Out on the Right Foot

Revenue: $6,300

Booking Up with Social Media Ads

With almost half of the spots already filled, we created a social media ads campaign to bring in the last few attendees for Arielle. We created ads that targeted her ideal students to maximize her ad dollars and get results as quickly as possible. 

Total Spent on Ads - $298.40

Results from just 18 Days worth of ads!

Interested Photographers - 36

Cost per Interested Person - $8.29

Attendees - 5

Total Profit - $4,201.60

Building Her Brand

- This was just the beginning of the growth that she was starting to see in her brand and the following that she was building as a coach.

With all of the exposure we were able to generate for Arielle's newest workshop, she had 3 more photographers who reached out to her directly through word of mouth and asked if they could still attend.

Organic Attendees - 3

Revenue - $2,700

Arielle had so much interest in her workshop that she had to cut off sales and start a waitlist. 

Final Results

Arielle decided to cap her enrollment at 15 photographers. She felt that this would be enough people to make it worth her time but still small enough to keep the intimate feeling that she was looking for.

Total Ad Spend - $298.40

Ticket Sales - $13,500

Total Profit - $13,201.60

*Total profit does not include agency fees

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