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Book More Weddings with Social Media Ads

Social media is one of the best ways to reach your ideal couples and collect contact information so you can book more weddings. 

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Did you know that only 33% of wedding vendors book weddings from their social media ads?

On average, our clients are making OVER $1,000 in profit for every $35 they spend on ads

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So what makes the difference between booking weddings and going broke?

here's the inside scoop... 

Our clients get the results they do because we build an entire sales funnel for them that uses the power of social media ads COMBINED with Landing Pages, Automation, Emails and so much more.

This sales funnel is also designed around an underlying sales strategy that gets weddings booked. 

This gives them access to unlimited bookings and a massive advantage over other vendors in their area. 

This sales funnel helps wedding professionals...

Reach New Couples

Educate The Couple About Them and Their Brand

Collect Contact Information

Get a Conversation Started

Put Them in a Position to Book the Wedding

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saving time

Putting together a great system that will get weddings booked is an incredibly powerful tool. But it’s also time consuming to manage and keep it producing. 

Our clients save countless hours of time and energy because:

We build their sales funnel for them

We also manage everything for them

so they can collect all the bookings without doing all of the work.

What’s included in this service?

Everything is done for you in this social media ads service. Our goal is to make booking weddings as seamless and easy for you as possible.

This service includes:

Custom made social media ads + copy (made in collaboration with you & your goals)

Our expert knowledge on how to run social media ads

-We strive to: get the cheapest cost per click, reach your target audience, find & implement which kind of ad speaks best to your audience + lots more!

Ongoing management of your social media ad 

-We are working behind the scenes daily to manage your ad & get it performing the best it possibly can.

A custom made (with your branding) landing & thank you page 

Our own automation system that connects everything together & delivers leads straight to your inbox &/or texted to your phone

Automated email(s) designed to strike up a conversation with couples interested in your service

Email templates + a video course to teach you how to get the most weddings booked (only available for certain types of campaigns)

1 strategy session call where we collaborate & decide together the best strategy for your ads

1 campaign review call where we go over the campaign we designed for you & teach you how everything works

2 coaching calls per month to answer any questions + focus on the best strategy for getting weddings booked

The first step is to schedule a time to chat.

We’ll answer any questions you might have, chat about what's the best service to reach your goals, look at availability, and talk about getting started. 


Ready to get started?

The first step is to schedule a time to chat.

We’ll answer any questions you might have, chat about if this is the best service to reach your goals, look at availability and talk about getting started.

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